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ABOUT Areeb Recovery & Car Towing Services

Currently we are operating in Dubai, Sharjah, g.t.road, motor way, Abu Dhabi

Areeb Recovery & Car Towing is located in Lahore, Punjab. We have been providing our community with towing, repair, fleet maintenance, and vehicle storage for over 25 years. We offer local and long distance towing for any size vehicle in the Tri-State area for individuals and corporations as well. We also tow for local police, local highways, and private property impounds as well. We also provide car carrier and transport service all over UAE.

Areeb Recovery & Car Towing also has one of the largest storage facilities in Lahore. It handles all motor vehicle accident and impound storage. If you are stuck on the road and need to be towed,

Call: 0321-8433335 - 050-5251660, available 24/7.


The service has been designed to assure commuters that they are not alone and help is in their palm’s reach In case they need a car recovery.

Watch it in Real Time

No more guessing where help is and when will it reach you. Watch help coming your way in real time.


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Asif Goods & Car Carrier Services

Asif Goods & Car Carrier offers timely and dependable car carrier and transport services all over UAE.

Call Toll Free:


Our expert staff is standing by to answer your questions

24/7 – Vehicle Transport / Towing Service


Our team of professional car towing experts are skilled in ensuring that your car is towed safely and securely. When you have car trouble, you need a professional to step in and take care of everything.

Broken down? Help is on the way…


We offer a complete breakdown service in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Abu Dhabi and we go the extra mile to provide you with the best possible customer service.

Whether you have a puncture and your spare is missing or flat, we can help you.


We can come out and put on your spare for you. If you have no spare, we can tow you to the nearest tire shop so you can get back on the road fast..

Our Professional Team is fully Equipped with Spare Batteries to get you out from the problem instantly.


If your battery is dead, we can come out and jump it for you. All of our drivers carry jumper boxes. It is much safer to use a jump box than hooking up your car's battery to another car's battery.

We can bring petrol to you if you can’t get to a service station yourself.


If your car runs out of petrol on the road, desert, mountain or anywhere in Dubai or out of Dubai, we can come out and bring it for you. If you've run out of fuel, then call us RIGHT NOW and help will be on the way with Fuel to you.

Special Emergency Service for the cars & vehicles stuck

Junk/ Abandoned Car Removal

Free Junk Car Removal/ Abandoned Vehicle Removal Got an old junker in the back or side yard that needs to be removed? We will come to you and remove it for You!

UAE's No. 1 Transport Company

Asif Car Carrier & Transport Service

Asif Car Carrier & Transport offers highly efficient and safe car transportation services across all the major destinations of the country. The vehicle is delivered at the door steps of the clients within stipulated time frame.

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Car Custom Clearance Dubai

Customs Clearing Agent Dubai

In UAE customs brokerage is often interpreted as custom clearing agency or custom clearing agent. We are the largest and frontline Clearing and Forwarding Agents holding Customs Clearing License for Custom House - Karachi and Port Qasim, and Customs Dry Port – Dubai.

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